how much money do nursing homes make????

Question by sugar m: how much money do nursing homes make????
these nursing homes make any money?any idea how much they charge? what is needed etc???

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Answer by PanPan
Nursing homes with private pay charge anywhere between 3,000 to 8,000 dollars a month in the St. louis area. But dont forget they have to pay nurses and aids… and that includes food and all care they recieve. Then some residents cant afford it, so they are on medicaid or medicare. Ehhh… I bet they make money… but it seems like a big headache to me… having to deal with State Inspections and accredidations.

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  1. Nursing homes charge as much as possible, bill medicare and other agencies as much as they can get away with, provide as little as possible for their residents, pay their workers almost nothing, encourage a dangerous and unhealthy enviroment, severely understaff employees to dangerous levels and cut corners at any cost.

    Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

  2. Private pay Nursing homes bring in $ $ $ , but as a previous poster said, they do this at the mercy of the staff and the residents. Overworked, understaffed nurses and residents recieving very poor care as a result. You will also find yourself paying out of court and in court lawsuits very frequently. Understaffed + Overworked workers = Residents recieving poor care. If you have lots of money to put out, and have a good understanding of the medical world….and lets not forget about state codes and inspections that must be adhered to in order to remain open, then go ahead..shoot for it.